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Workers examine diseased tree branches

5 Tips to Remember When Removing Trees This Winter

Removing trees from any residential or commercial property can significantly improve their aesthetic and overall outward appearance. In some cases, tree removal services can add value and reduce the risk of property or root damage to the home. If you’re thinking of removing any trees from your home’s property this winter, there are a few tips you will want to keep in mind throughout the process.

1. Know Which Trees Need to Be Removed and Why

If you are thinking of removing trees this winter, you will want to have a plan of action in place. Whether you are dealing with dead trees, diseased trees, or leaning trees due to storm damage, write down which trees need to be removed and why. Falling branches and uprooted tree stumps may also be a cause for concern, requiring a complete removal.

2. Prepare Surroundings Ahead of Time

Protect any surrounding outlets, electrical appliances, or furnishings that are near the trees you intend to remove. Invest in the proper coverings for outdoor furnishings and structures along with utility lines to minimize the risk of interference or damage during the actual tree removal process. It is also important to consider the condition of the ground when you are seeking tree removal experts. If the ground is extremely wet, specialized tools may be required in addition to cleanup services.

3. Research Work Permits You May Require

Depending on the type of trees you plan to remove and the number of trees you will be taking off of your property, you may need to file for a permit. A permit to remove trees may be necessary if you are working on a lot that is fragile or may potentially impact the environment around you. Working with local arborists and professional tree removal experts can streamline this process.

4. Consider Surrounding Animals and Wildlife

In some locations, you may need to abide by local regulations that pertain to preserving surrounding wildlife. You may also want to inspect trees you intend to eliminate from your property for nests and other signs of wildlife.

5. Work With Professional Tree Removal Experts

Professional tree removal experts will not only streamline the removal process, but they will do so with proper safety equipment and gear in place. The right tree removal company will allow you to maintain your peace of mind as you clean up your property this winter.

If you’re a homeowner or property investor and you’re interested in removing trees from a lot this winter, turning to professionals to get the job done is highly recommended. Contact Cordwin Tree Service to streamline the planning and removal process of any dying, diseased, or unsightly trees on your Ocala, FL property.