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Damaged tree

Get Stumps Ground Out Before New Spring Growth Appears

Stumps left in your lawn can lead to tripping. Suckers will spring up around the stump and feed on it as it breaks down. Pests, fungi, and bacteria will thrive in an old, rotting stump and may put your other trees at risk. Grinding out old stumps will give you the chance to put in a new planting bed and provide you with plenty of mulch!

Tree Removal Challenges

If you’ve had to remove trees because of disease or dangerous weather, you may not have gotten around to the stumps. Unfortunately, stumps can cause hazards in your landscape. Even if grass grows up around your stumps, there’s a good chance that you’ll hit them with your mower. Trimming around stumps can be challenging as your string trimmer can fling around bits of bark.

Once a tree has been taken out, you need to address the stump. If you want to plant another tree, you’ll need to have the stump removed. However, if you want to let the grass fill in or if you want to plant vegetables or flowers in that spot, you can simply have the stump ground out.

Benefits of Grinding Out Stumps

Once a stump has been ground out, you’ll have plenty of mulch and vegetative material to protect the newly exposed soil. There is a chance that suckers will grow back from the roots, but if you can cut them back as soon as they appear, the stump will continue to decompose.

The root system from a tree can be extensive. If the tree you had taken out was old, removing the stump may be nearly impossible as the roots could have spread quite far from the trunk. A fully ground out stump will be covered by new soil, mulch and whatever you choose to plant next. You should not have to worry about new seedlings coming up from the roots of a dead or dying tree.

Grinding out a stump will also reduce the risk of soil collapse around a dead or dying tree. If the extended roots are simply allowed to completely die and break down, you will not have to fill back in with new soil. Your grass should fill in any gaps left by shade from the canopy.

Contact us at Cordwin Tree Service in Ocala, FL for help with any stump grinding needs. We can help you get rid of hazards in your landscape and prepare your yard for spring.