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Ways Stump Grinding Can Help You Enjoy Tremendous Cost Savings

Tree stumps are more than just an eyesore; they can have a negative impact on your property, hence the reason you need stump grinding services to remove them. Stump grinding not only makes your landscape look visually appealing, but it also provides myriad financial benefits. Here are some ways that stump grinding can save you money.

Prevent Root Intrusion

Even though the tree has been removed, the root system attached to the stump can still grow. As these roots continue to grow, they can intrude into your sewer line and the foundation of your home, and repairing either of the two can cost you thousands of dollars. You can expect to pay approximately $5,000 for foundation repairs, while sewer line repairs may cost around $4,000 to $6,000.

Avoid Safety Hazards

Tree stumps can create safety hazards that can be expensive to remediate. If you or someone else trips and falls over a tree stump in your yard, serious injuries can result that may cause lost wages, high medical bills, and injury claims if someone wants to sue you for getting hurt on your property. Stump grinding can remove these safety hazards, thus saving you significant sums of money.

Keep Pest Infestations Away

When tree stumps decay, they’re an open invitation for pests to invade your property, and these include termites, beetles, and ants. These pests can migrate from tree stumps and infest nearby trees and structures on your property, such as your home and your shed if you have one. You’ll need an arborist to remediate any problems these pests cause for your trees. Pest control services will also be necessary to keep your home sanitary and in good condition. Serious termite problems can result in property damage, which can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars to remediate. You can avoid any problems pests may cause by having a professional arborist remove and grind all of your tree stumps.

Save on Equipment Repair Costs

Tree stumps can damage lawn equipment. Repairs to such equipment can be expensive, ranging from $300 to $500 depending on the severity of the damage. If the damage is significant enough, total equipment replacement will be necessary, which will incur even more costs. Stump grinding can help to preserve the integrity of your lawn equipment, as the risk of damage or total system failure caused by the tree stumps will no longer exist.

While you may feel like stump grinding services are an additional expense, you should view them as a measure you can take to save tremendously in the long run. Not only will your landscape be more attractive, but you can avoid losing large sums of money on expensive repairs and remediating the damage caused by safety hazards. To preserve the safety and integrity of your Ocala, FL home, contact Cordwin Tree Service to schedule stump grinding services today.