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How Commercial Tree Services Can Prepare Your Trees for the Holidays

Many commercial properties have to ramp up their production and services during the holidays due to increased demand. However, those businesses often forget about property maintenance beyond the already-scheduled basics like having the lawn mowed. Let’s talk about how investing in commercial tree services at your company’s property can help prepare your trees for the holidays.

Setting the Scene for Beautiful Decorating

If you’re one of the numerous businesses that decorate for the holidays, you’ll want to schedule commercial tree services. Getting your trees, plants, grass, leaves, and shrubs in top-notch shape creates a beautiful base for lights and various other holiday decor you have in mind.

Preventing Dangers to Employees and Visitors

As beautiful as December weather can be, it could also be dangerous, especially when you factor in trees that haven’t been pruned. Rain, thunderstorms, and strong winds could easily cause an unhealthy branch to come down on employees or visitors. However, a certified arborist is an expert in spotting branches that may be a potential risk, even if they initially seem to be in good condition.

Protecting Property From Damage

Just as trimming potentially dangerous tree branches can help protect employees and visitors who walk the company’s property, it can also help protect the property itself. Depending on its positioning, a heavy tree branch could fall right through a roof or go through a window, causing extensive damage to the building. If yours is a business that relies on increased December profits, having to close for a day or more when it wasn’t planned could be a major setback.

Providing a Safer, More Welcoming Setting

Visitors and employees should feel comfortable stepping onto your property, not inconvenienced by having to duck under low-hanging branches or trek through dark, overgrown areas. Having beautiful illuminated trees allows for a more welcoming setting that individuals can enjoy.

Creating a Photo-Ready Environment for Social Media

As many companies know, one positive social media post could quickly increase business. When you create a holiday wonderland on your commercial property, complete with fabulous decorations and lights, it establishes a photo-ready environment that makes people want to take pictures to post on their social media accounts. One or more popular posts could draw people to your business and its products or services.

Even though you likely already have an extensive to-do list for your business this December, it’s important to schedule commercial tree services. Let certified arborists get the property in order for the holidays. It will allow you to focus on everything else going on at the business and all the holiday fun you can have in your spare time. Call Cordwin Tree Service in Ocala, FL, and let’s talk about commercial tree services that can beautify your property just in time for the holidays.