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Chief Ways Arborists Can Help You Save Big Bucks

Arborists are responsible for removing, planting and maintaining trees. They use their knowledge of tree and soil biology to assist landscaping companies, government institutions, commercial organizations and residential clients. Arborists can also help homeowners save tremendous amounts of money in two main ways.

Routine Tree Inspections Save Money

Tree inspections are critical because this is when an arborist can spot and fix small problems before they become something more serious. An arborist can see if a pest infestation is forming and stop it before your trees are overrun and you will require more expensive measures to save your trees.

To treat a small pest infestation, you can expect to pay around a couple hundred dollars. Larger pest infestations can cost you $500 or more, depending on how many trees you have or how much the pests have spread. If pests have damaged your trees enough, you will need to have them removed, which can cost you more money.

Expect to pay between a few hundred to over a thousand dollars. Many factors will determine the cost of tree removal services, and this includes the size of the tree. Large trees will cost you more to remove because there are more materials for arborists to dispose of, and they must use heavy-duty equipment to get the job done. Furthermore, removing large trees is much riskier, and arborists are required to wear safety gear to prevent falls and other injuries.

Keeps You From Having to Spend Thousands of Dollars on Property Damage

In addition to checking for pests, an arborist can let you know if any trees pose safety issues, such as if branches are going to drop or trees are about to fall. If dying branches or compromised trees are near your home and damage its structure when they fall, you can pay thousands of dollars in repairs. Tree-related property damage could cost as much as a few hundred to over a thousand dollars if the damage is extensive.

While your homeowner’s insurance can help pay for the cost of repairs, you still must pay a deductible, and this can still cost a significant amount. Most home insurance policies will not cover the cost of tree removal, so you will still be responsible for paying for this service.

If your trees are strong and healthy, they are more likely to weather storms, and the chances of them costing you significant amounts of money are slim. If you want to preserve your trees and save money all at the same time, contact an arborist with Cordwin Tree Service, among the best in Ocala, FL.