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The Biggest and Most Common Tree Removal Dangers

TV shows make removing trees look easy. You might think that as long as you have a chainsaw and some goggles you’re all set. Think again though because both fallen and upright trees pose some serious risks to your overall health and safety. Find out what you should do and how to prevent injuries and other potential problems.

Poor Equipment

When you hire the pros, you’ll notice that they come ready to work and with all the equipment they need. Some of the common dangers you’ll encounter outside occur simply because you don’t have the right gear. Losing your grip on a chainsaw or stump grinder can result in the loss of limbs as well as other injuries. It’s often cheaper and easier to hire a crew that has the right safety equipment.

Power Lines

No matter where you live, you will see a few power lines. Typically attached to wood poles, the lines run power to your home and others. There’s always a risk that cutting down a dying or diseased tree will result in it taking down a power line when it falls. If you’re lucky, it will only result in lost power to a few homes. On the other hand, you risk a live wire racing across the ground and coming close to your family. Always use caution when working around power lines to prevent issues.

Removing More Than One Tree

Some homeowners assume that they only need to remove one or two trees that show signs of common diseases. They don’t realize that the tree can infect others and cause the disease to spread around the entire yard. If you only focus on those that show signs of rot or other symptoms, you leave your yard susceptible. This can cost a lot to treat the problem and may lead to the removal of all of your trees. You need an expert to examine your trees and decide which ones are sick.


Deadwood is a common problem found in parts of Florida. As trees die, they die from the inside to the outside. There’s a good chance you have one or more dead trees in your yard right now but you don’t know because they look healthy. The pros use special tools to remove deadwood because they know that it weighs a lot and can do some serious damage when it falls, such as taking out other trees or even landing on your roof.

While you can do a lot to prevent further damage when removing dead or fallen trees, you don’t need to do it alone. The best way to prevent damage is with expert help. If you don’t have the right equipment, aren’t sure what trees need to come down, or worry about deadwood, reach out to Cordwin Tree Service in Ocala, FL for expert tree removal.