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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Stump Grinding

If you’re left with stumps after removing trees, you’re probably wondering whether to grind them. While there are other removal methods, stump grinding is often considered the most effective, and you can use it on any stump. However, it has important benefits and drawbacks that you must be aware of. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of stump grinding.

1. Stump Grinding Generally Requires Special Equipment

While it’s possible to grind stumps down with a chainsaw, this technique is typically less effective than using specialized grinding tools. These tools are designed to grind the stump by using a large blade. This large-toothed blade is tilted vertically, which allows the machine to reach the lower levels of the stump.

2. Some Stumps Can Be Dug Out of the Ground

In some cases, it’s possible to dig the stump right out of the ground, which will actually get rid of the roots. This will allow you to eradicate the stump completely and permanently. However, some root systems cover a large area, which makes it impractical to dig them out. Still, severing roots that connect the stump to the larger system will typically prevent the stump from re-emerging.

3. Stump Grinding Is Often More Effective Than Explosive Stump Removers

In many cases, blowing up a tree stump won’t get rid of the whole thing. That’s because it sometimes breaks it into pieces that are still rooted in the ground. Also, explosive stump removers can cause small pieces of wood to scatter in all directions and require significant cleanup.

4. Stump Grinding Requires Less Labor Than Digging

It takes less time to grind away a stump than it does to remove it from the ground. That’s because a grinding tool can make quick work of most stumps, and no digging is required.

5. Stump Grinders Can Be Operated Near a Structure

It simply isn’t safe to use explosive stump removers to get rid of stumps that are located near a structure. However, grinding tools can be used for most stumps near a building.

6. Stump Grinding Is Quite Clean

One advantage of stump grinding is that it creates a relatively small amount of debris, which is concentrated in the area where the stump once was. This means that you’ll be able to quickly clean up any mess that’s created.

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