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Stump on green grass in the garden. Old tree stump in the summer park.

Keeping Your Yard Healthy and Safe With Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stump removal is a service that we often provide between the end of spring and the beginning of summer. This is when many property owners decide it is adequate to finally get rid of unsightly tree stumps before the rains arrive. The reality of tree stump grinding is that it can be done in just about any season as long as weather conditions are not extreme.

While most homeowners request stump removal services when rooted tree remnants become a visual and practical nuisance, there are more important reasons to consider. Let’s take a look at the infestation and plant disease issues that tree stumps can cause in yards and gardens.

Tree Stumps Harbor Pests

Trees are nurturing elements of ecosystems, but only when they are healthy. When they are reduced to stumps, the remnants of trees become integral ecosystems for pests and insects that can damage plants or spread disease. The invasive Japanese beetle is a pest known to feed on the roots of tree stumps, and these voracious insects will feed on everything from ornamental plants to grass and bushes. If you have a tree stump in the yard, Japanese beetles may be attracted to it and then spread to plants on your property and beyond.

Some other pests that make tree stumps their habitats can enter residential structures. Termites and other wood-boring insects are known to find their way from tree stumps to homes. Stumps become rich ecosystems for pests during the rainy season; once worms, snails, and lizards settle in, it is only a matter of time before mice, possums, and other vermin start coming around.

Tree Stumps Harbor Plant Disease

Disease-causing organisms can form in stumps and spread to nearby plants. For example, the Ophiostoma fungi that cause the Dutch elm disease can survive for many years in a stump before spreading to healthy trees planted nearby. During the rainy season, stumps can create a moist, shady environment that becomes ideal for the growth of plant diseases. The Erysiphe and Oidium fungi that cause powdery mildew will thrive in the moist and dark conditions provided by tree stumps.

Tree stumps themselves can become diseased with rot and canker in what remains of the trunk and the roots. When this happens, the canker and rot can spread through the soil, grass, and insects to other sections of the property.

How We Can Help

If you have a tree stump in your yard, it is important to take steps to remove it or treat it to prevent the spread of disease. When you are ready to get rid of problematic tree stumps in your Ocala, FL property, get in touch with Cordwin Tree Service to schedule an inspection and get a quote.