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Top Six Tips to Help Your Trees Thrive This Spring

Now that spring is here, trees are waking up from dormancy, and they are preparing for a new period of growth. To improve the health of your trees and ensure their longevity, follow these six essential tips.

1. Check Your Trees for Damage

During the winter, your trees are subjected to harsh conditions. They endure storms that can cause branches to fray or snap. Animals and other pests can make their home in your trees to find warmth. If you see any signs of damage, contact an arborist for help. A professional arborist will assess the seriousness of the damage, outline judicious trimming, and recommend a plan for restoring the health of your trees.

2. Add Mulch

Putting down a layer of mulch around your trees will help them to retain moisture. Mulch will prevent the sun from evaporating the dampness around a tree when you water it, and the roots will have an opportunity to absorb the water to hydrate the whole plant. This helps avoid the necessity of later pruning out dead branches.

3. Call the Arborist to Prune Your Trees

Pruning and trimming your trees helps them grow. Dead and diseased portions of trees should be removed so they will not negatively impact the plants’ health. Arborists recommend pruning and trimming trees just before they turn green so they can best heal from the wounds.

4. Use Organic Fertilizer

Just like health supplements and vitamins give us a boost with our health, the same is true for trees. To jumpstart their growth period this spring after pruning, give them a round of organic fertilizer. Consult with an arborist before using fertilizer as not all fertilizer compounds are made equally, and an arborist will recommend one that has balanced nutrients.

5. Give Your Trees Something to Drink

Now that your trees are preparing to grow, they are going to get thirsty. Your trees will become even thirstier as we go into summer. Since tree roots can extend several feet below the ground, it is more beneficial for you to water them deeply. This promotes strong and healthy branches. Deep watering must be done weekly for most trees; however, consult with an arborist as different tree species have different watering requirements.

6. Get Rid of Dead or Diseased Trees

Trees that are dead or diseased put your other trees at risk for being infected by pests, and they can pose safety hazards if they should fall. Not to mention that dead and diseased trees are unsightly, and they mar the esthetics of your property. Contact an arborist to have dead and diseased trees removed and new ones planted in their place.

If you want to set your trees up for success, now is the time to contact an arborist. The weather is still mild, and the conditions are right to ensure the best results. If you reside in Ocala, FL or any of the surrounding areas, contact Cordwin Tree Service today for trimming and pruning or any other professional tree help.