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Making Commercial Tree Services Greener

Today, one thing everyone has to think about in regards to ethical behavior is their impact on the environment. What individuals, companies, organizations, and governments do can have an effect on future generations. One thing that certainly has an impact is how we choose to address commercial tree care. If you want to do your part, implementing sustainable practices for commercial tree care is very important.

Improve Soil Health

One way that commercial tree services can help the environment is by ensuring that they do not have a negative impact on soil health. Any commercial activity can have huge unintended consequences for the health of the soil for decades into the future. One way to ensure that your own commercial tree services do not negatively impact the soil is by using organic-based mulch. This includes mulch made from materials such as wood clippings, grass, leaves, and more. Unlike inorganic materials, organic mulch adds nutrients back into the soil. It also has the benefit of promoting the natural microbiological breakdown of materials and can help protect tree roots.

Protect Wildlife Health

Commercial tree services can change an environment in ways that some businesses can’t predict. This can include doing inordinate harm to local wildlife species. Instead, a more eco-conscious company should always consider what will happen to local wildlife when plants like trees are altered. Thankfully, we have much more knowledge of this today, and it can be applied to commercial tree services. That includes planting trees and shrubbery that are native to the area and unlikely to cause any harm to local wildlife. It also includes implementing things like nesting boxes and animal corridors to allow wildlife to safely traverse the affected area.

Conserve Water

Commercial tree services can also take part in helping to better conserve water. With future severe droughts a possibility, this is a bigger concern than ever before. Options available for commercial tree services include:

  • Harvesting rainwater
  • Monitoring soil moisture
  • Planting drought-resistant tree species
  • Using drip-irrigation systems

Implementing strategies such as these can allow trees to receive the moisture they need without wasting water. For example, a drip-irrigation system sends water to the base of trees or even right to the roots through a drip system. This prevents runoff and minimizes evaporation.

Controlling Pests Through Organic Means

Another option for more eco-friendly tree care is altering how you go about combating pests. This means implementing alternatives to toxic chemical pesticides that can harm plants, animals, and humans for years after their use. More eco-friendly options include utilizing:

  • Biological control agents
  • Companion planting
  • Habitat enhancements
  • Local birds and insect predators
  • Organic-based pesticide alternatives

Overall, while commercial tree care has harmed the environment in the past, we now know much more about local ecosystems, so we can do less harm. If you are interested in hiring a much more eco-conscious tree service for your business near Ocala, FL, call and consult with our company, Cordwin Tree Service, on a commercial tree service plan that caters to your own needs. That way, you’ll receive the tree service you want without a negative impact on the environment.