Invest Some Time in Your Tree's Growth

Tree consulting and diagnosing service in Reddick & Ocala, FL

Would you like to know more about the trees on your property? Whether you own a home, a business or a farm, it's important to know what you're investing in. For a comprehensive evaluation, rely on Cordwin Tree Service, Inc. We're in the business of providing professional tree knowledge and efficient tree care for our customers.

Complete evaluations for complete peace of mind

Cordwin Tree Service will evaluate the biology and the general physicality of your trees for their protection - and for your property's protection. For logistics, we assist with risk assessments, inventory, permits and appraisals. For the tree's biology, Cordwin will conduct a complete evaluation, which includes taking a microscope to the tree's:

  • Canopy fullness
  • Foliage density
  • Canopy coverage
  • Species and hardness
  • Drought tolerance
  • Life expectancy
  • Overall structure

Trust us to also find out which pests or diseases are plaguing the trees on your property. Any damage and defects will be addressed. If your tree is diseased, our arborist will take soil, leaves, roots and twig samples to the University of Florida to diagnose the problem and research how the tree can be successfully treated.

With Cordwin Tree Service, you'll get a complete diagnosis on the state of the tree(s) at your property. For more information about our services, reach out today.